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Välkommen till Cortus Energy

Sedan den 18 februari 2013 handlas Cortus Energy på NASDAQ OMX First North (symbol CE).

From February 18, 2013, Cortus Energy is traded on NASDAQ OMX First North (ticker CE).


Cortus Energy
Green Power for Process & Power Industries

We are building the future of innovative and sustainable energy supply for the process and power industries.

High temperature combustion in process and power industries demands high calorific and clean fuels. Cortus Energy is now introducing Green Power based upon our new biomass gasification technology - WoodRoll®.

WoodRoll® is our way of solving global and environmental issues by providing sustainability. We replace fossil fuels with energy gas generated from biomass.

WoodRoll® has the unique ability of being able to accept a huge variety of feedstock while maintaining a high thermal efficiency of up to 80%.

In addition, our patented indirect heating technique produces a cleaner energy gas than conventional gasification methods, hence translating into better cost savings for our customers.

If you are interested, do contact us to find out more.




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