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The WoodRoll® technology is based on existing technologies that are combined into a new and innovative system which means a ground breaking approach of how to gasify biomass in a fully integrated process.






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When gasifying biomass, biomass is first dried, followed by a pyrolysis process. During pyrolysis biomass is heated in an oxygen-free environment and decompose into two parts: (i) a gas part - pyrolysis gas and (ii) a solid part - char. All existing biomass gasification techniques try to clean the pyrolysis gas from pollutants primarily tars, which is the single biggest reason for low availability and a lower yield. This requires expensive equipment and energy. The char is incinerated to provide heat to the process. WoodRoll® contradicts: burns the dirty pyrolysis gas to generate heat to the process and gasify the clean char with steam resulting in a zero-tar ultra-clean renewable energy gas.

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The char (from pyrolysis) is milled to fine powder and injected together with steam into the gasifier. The gasifier is indirectly heated through combustion of the pyrolysis gas (that simultaneously crack the tars). The chemical reactions between char and steam forms the energy rich and ultra-clean energy gas with a favorable chemical composition.

The gasifier concept is similar to well proven technologies used when gasifying fossil coal with steam i.e. a steam / char gasifier, with the distinct difference that WoodRoll® gasify a renewable coal!

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WoodRoll® is an allotherm process meaning the heat needed for the process is generated within the process itself. When combusting the pyrolysis gas heat is generated. The heat is first at the gasification process which works at the highest temperature and then at the pyrolysis and dryer processes that works at lower temperatures. The hot energy gas from the gasifier is cooled with water that turns into steam which is supplied to the gasifier. By this the highest efficiency is achieved.

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The picture illustrates the basic principles of the WoodRoll® process:


Video: Animation WoodRoll®

Video: Design Modular 6 MW WoodRoll®


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